Friends Down under

Hi everyone sorry I haven’t been updating but I got some people to tell you about the first is Jack Nayler and Riley Nayler. There good friends to have by my side there good at N.R.L and love footy and they like motorbike’s. Second person Jack Montgomery. Jack is my best friend and when it come’s to poptropica (a computer game.) he knows more about it then I do about Lord of the Rings! he is funny as well. Last person I’m going to tell you about for today Maxx Doss. Maxx is funny and has a good knowledge about roman and settlement of the European country. he plays Age of Empires online and has lots of skills at it to. Well thats all the people for today but I’m going to tell you about school. School is fun I’m making it through tests and year 5. I was in the German verse speaking competition and was close to winning. I’m better than a 15 year old at addition and subtraction and at my normal age with multiplication and division. There’s a bully at school called darcy I’m trying to be ok with him. Finally were doing some science on the universe I know more than anyone else in the school!! were also doing sose about greek mythology I know more now than anyone else in the town!!! Well cya all tomorrow remember to look at Silli-Ness everyday and if you find any game’s advise cassy and she’ll post ‘em on cya

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