We’re on the Zip Line of Life!

It feels like life just zips forward too fast for anyone to keep up! My goodness! Little Puggle has entered toddlerhood (wow, has he ever!), Kristopher is enjoying an advanced 6/7 class (he’s on the 6 side) and Fletcher is quite successful in his 3rd grade class! The boys are tall, they’re handsome and they’re all growing to be unique and beautiful. Granted, they drive me absolutely insane! Can’t the house stay clean?

Our next adventure is beginning … we’re building a kit house! Why kit? Because it’s cheap and that’s what we can afford :) Why build? Because we had an opportunity to and we humbly accepted it. Now, this doesn’t mean that Queensland is our “forever home”. Not in the slightest. It means that we know we’ll be here for a couple more years and want to invest and make the most of it.

So, pictures and details will be a’comin. Essentially, we are going to start doing a bi-weekly take on building a house with three kids, two cats, one dog and a tight budget :)

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